Giles is wearing seasons hottest pattern
 This is Nervous Breakdown. Yes she looks like this.
 Rufus has gone for one of his shopping trips to Paris again
 The delightful Lady Marble and her furry friend Victor
 Henry the hedgehog is so fed up with this parenting business
 If you see this delightful cat woman, say hello. If she invites you to an after party, be careful.
 Polly and Ronny perform a subtle synchronised dance at the rock gig
 Edith was offered a mobility scooter. Edith said "FUCK YOU" and got a skateboard instead.
 A year ago Lisbeth decided to leave the busy life and started living on the road. She wants to find inner peace...and lots of yummy bugs.
 Very serious fashion illustration
 Freddie Fierce is getting ready for Movember and uses Inktober for promotional purposes.
 Sisters Vera and Marta are the most humourless basketball duo the universe has ever seen. Their game is SERIOUS.
 Dear kids, this is the tooth fairy. Well, this is Wilfred, one of the tooth fairies on duty in North London tonight. The Tooth Fairy company is a multi national business which employs thousands of fairies world wide.
 Madame Rochelle has her photo only in the most high profile street style blogs.
 This is Mrs Dudley CEO of her knitted headwear company Harriet's Hats. Ever since she took the sales of her animal hats online, the business has bloomed.
 Edward was bored so he painted himself yellow. He is still utterly bored.
 On a holiday Mr Bruno likes to indulge on different foods. He is especially fond of gelato.
 It's only the scared little Pink. He is scared of everything all the damn time.
 Marshmallow the intellectual guinea pig
 Theodore is the founding member of the Society of All Things Stupendously Poncy.
 Miles just casually strolls down the high street whilst looking effortlessly cool
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